Interstitial Pseudo-Muon Fusion (IPMF) relates to a method and apparatus for producing controlled nuclear-fusion reactions by drastically increasing the probabilistic interactions of atoms as opposed to relying solely on brute-force hot fusion.

Currently, the most promising fusion reactors deploy and energize Deuterium-Tritium fuel, contained at a target, to temperatures several times the sun’s core leveraging complex and massive power supplies or capacitors and lasers. Most stars’ cores are not hot enough for temperature alone to account for all the fusion occurring within them. Solar fusion can be explained by quantum tunnelling: as protons approach the coulomb barrier, they are likely to be repelled by electrostatic forces, but there is a small chance that their wave-like existence has tunneled through to the other side of the barrier. Therefore, the strong force kicks in and they fuse. The probability of this event is extremely low. However, due to the unfathomably large number of atoms in stars, this low-probability event occurs frequently.

So, it’s not the high temperature and pressure environment alone within stars that facilitate fusion. It’s fusion, occurring through quantum tunnelling, that ignites and then maintains the high temperature and pressure environment in stars that further enhance the rate of fusion. Now, while it’s impractical to assemble a star-sized reactor on Earth, it is possible to drastically increase the probabilistic interactions of a fewer number of atoms. Our invention departs from conventional approaches by utilizing an innovative combination of independently established techniques along with two novel and proprietary mechanisms.

Workflow IPMF Reactor

Our Interstitial Pseudo-Muon Fusion (IPMF) reactor would decrease the subatomic distance and enhance the quantum tunnelling of nucleons, opening the gateway to self-sustained fusion reactions while significantly lowering the cost, size, and mass of fusors by circumventing the massive temperature, power supply, and plasma confinement requirements of hot fusion.


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